Companies have HR Teams

You can have an HR Advocate.

Professional HR advocate services for Workers.

The kind of backend support workers need to get in, move around,
move up and move on in today's complex work environment.

We’re here for
one reason, to help you
move your
career forward.

Our 4 Career Plans

PLAN 1: Workplace Navigation Insurance

$35.00/120 Days: Stuff happens at work. Many times when you need direction there is no-one you can go to. We will be there for you, helping you effectively navigate through workday challenges. Learn More


PLAN 2: New Hire Mentor Service

$25.00/60 Days: Basic onboarding programs are not always enough. We get you ready to start your new job and followup with you once you’re on board. Learn More


PLAN 3: Job Loss Support Service

$25.00/60 Days: A job loss is serious. We will be there for you to review your situation from a different angle and get you started on your new career  journey. Learn More


PLAN 4: Search Career Service

$225.00/60 Days: If you are not landing a job, there’s is a reason. We will enhance your job hunting tools and help you be the “Must Hire Candidate”. Learn More


We're 100% committed to workers.

How we work.

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You Hire WHD

It's easy to get started. You start the process by purchasing a plan that meets your career needs.

Step 2 - Explore our Plans


We connect with you via email, phone or Skype. We gather your information and begin your services.

Step 3 - Explore our Plans


We get to work developing and finalizing your service keeping you well informed at all times.

Step 4 - Explore our Plans


We finalize and complete your service. And, we manage any ongoing services you selected.

People are Talking about Us

I know the Founder and have called on her many times to help me through worker issues. Her advice always works. I am so glad Sharon and her Team started Worker Help Desk. I recommend them for all of your work related needs. The customer service is great and you get the promised results.
Health Care Industry
I was lucky to stumble upon this site. I was looking for something affordable with a lot of options. First, I purchased the Job Search Service, which was worth every penny. I was so happy with the services I purchased the Workplace Navigation Insurance. Hope I don't need it, but if I do, I have it.
Financial Services Company
One of the smartest moves I’ve made was to get the Workplace Navigation Insurance. I had an issue with my Boss and it was escalating. After talking with my WHD Advisor, I was able to work things out. Plus, I thought the followup was great. Get this service because it will help you.
IT Worker
Large IT Company

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