Virtual HR Advisors for Workers

Coworker situation, problem with the Boss, need clarification on something or just need to chat?


Get yourself a Virtual HR Advisor. We’re on the outside ready to help you navigate on the inside.

Companies have HR Teams.

We solve worker problems

Management is not always there when you need them to solve your issues or answer your questions.  
Sometimes, you need another means of resolving a situation before escalating to Human Resources.


Your HR Advisor will be there when you need help, develop action plans to facilitate change and enhance your success at work. Our service plan is designed to give you stress free workdays because you deserve them. 

coworker issues

Workplace bulling is alive. We help you stop them in their tracks with our Three-Step Bully Boundaries Plan.

problems with the boss

Is your Boss controlling, picky or petty? We will help you take action or help you decide if it's time to leave your bad Boss.

Answer Questions

Have a question and you don't really want to ask a coworker or HR? We will answer it for you confidentially.

it's easy to get started.

1. You Hire Us.

2. We Pair You with a HR Advisor.

3. We Solve Your Issue. You move forward.

We bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive situation resolution. At the end of the day, going forward, you will have options to resolve any issue that comes up during your workday. Invest in yourself and your career.

Worker Help Desk-HR Advisor Plan

People are talking about us.

"I know the Founder and have called on her many times to help me through workplace issues. Her advice always works. I am so glad Sharon and her Team started Worker Help Desk. I recommend them for all of your work related needs. The customer service is great and you get the promised results. I will buy this again."
"I was lucky to stumble upon this site. I was looking for something affordable with a lot of options. I purchased the HR Advisor Plan, which was worth every penny. I was so happy with the services I purchased it a second time. Hope I don't need it again, but if I do, I have it."


"One of the smartest moves I’ve made was to get this plan. I had an issue with my Boss and it was escalating. After talking with my WHD Advisor, I was able to work things out. Plus, I thought the followup was great. Get this service because it will help you. solve any problem you have."


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