10 Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

There are good and bad snacks. Eat the healthy ones!

You are so busy you think you just have to pick up those two doughnuts to go with your coffee or a bread style pretzel or some chocolate candy by Angie’s desk to keep going. These high sugar, high fat snacks will make you sleepy, keep your energy low and offer extra pounds. They don’t build up your stamina or energy. As the day wears on, your body will ask for more and more of these types of goodies. They may make your stomach stop growling and stop your urge to be chewing something, but they are not healthy eats for a working person.


10 best snacks to have on hand at work

  1. Almonds: They are a great way to get protein.
  2. Fresh Cut Fruit: Build your immune system. Cut up fresh fruit and add it to your things to take to work. It will certainly be a refreshing snack.
  3. Popcorn: Of course I am talking about the lowest fat version. It’s a crunchy snack and will get some fiber in your body. Pop it at home and take it with you so that you don’t smell up the office with that irresistible smell.
  4. Rice Cakes: They are not for me, but some folks swear by them because they are so low in calories. Plus, they provide a crunch that some feel satisfying.
  5. Frozen Banana: I have already mentioned fruit, but this one taste so good if it’s frozen. Freeze it the night before and put it in your bag. By mid morning it will still be frozen and taste so good.
  6. Fresh Carrots: Another great crunchy snack. You can get a lot of nutrients from this crunch, sweet snack. Cut them up, put them in a sandwich bag and take them with you. Feel the need for a snack? Have a few.
  7. Dried Fruit: Dried raisons, mango, apple, pear, and bananas are a great “pick you up”. Try adding some to your oatmeal to spruce it up.
  8. Dry Cereal: Some folks must have milk on cereal and a few spoons of sugar. Not me. Put your favorite cereal in a bag and munch on it during the day. Bran flakes taste great dry.
  9. Instant Oatmeal. A plain packet of instant oats makes a filling snack. If you must, use one with fruits but skip the ones loaded with sugar.
  10. Yogurt: This is my favorite mid day snack. I stock up and put a few in the office fridge. Be sure to put your name on them or on may come up missing. Try Chobani…it’s a great yogurt drink.


What’s your favorite desktop snack?

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