3 Tips for Writing a Clever Cover Letter

A Clever Cover Letter Can Get You Noticed

A cover letter can help you get noticed by Recruiters.


Some job seekers don’t feel a cover letter is necessary and others get writers block when sitting down to write one. Most Recruiters will tell you a cover letter is very important because this were they can find information about you that is not in your resume. It also provides insight into your motivation for applying to their open position. If your cover letter is followed up with a stellar resume, you may get the call you are waiting for.


The key to writing a great cover letter is how well you tell the reader (in your own words) about how you can be an asset to the company from day one, excel in the position quickly and why the position is the perfect for you. Don’t summarize your resume or offer the same set of details about your background that are in your resume. It’s not necessary. Doing so makes your cover letter a loss opportunity to tell the recruiter about YOU and what YOU have to offer. Make your cover letter stand out. Follow these tips. 


1. Start Your Cover Letter with a Clever Opener

The first paragraph is an introduction. Cleverly tell the reader why you are writing and relay you are the best candidate for their open position. Then, lean in with a personal statement.


For example, “I knew I wanted to work in Human Resources from a very early age. I was the one solving my friends people problems. I listened and offered solution on how to do things better. I became the “go to” person in my crowd.


With an interesting statement like this you will catch the Readers attention and push them to read more. 


2. Add Details In The next Paragraph

Be careful here.Don’t repeat your work experience. It’s in the resume. Continue on your path of giving the reader more about you.


Example: “I continued my passion for Human Resources by expanding my knowledge in every position I have held. My plan is to stay in the Human Resource s field because I am excited about the activity and change in today’s complex work environment.  In my last position, I was able to …”


Now, Tell the Recruiter what you bring to the table. Here are a few lead in samples sentences found on www.LinkedIn.com:


“I bring excellent communication and interpersonal skills.”

“I bring energy, intelligence and motivation to the table.”

“I now feel compelled to continue to drive home positive results.”


3. Nail the Closing 

Ask for the interview.Thank the reader for their time and tell them how to contact you. 


Final Note: When you write your cover letter engage the employer with your personality and make them feel they want to meet you as soon as possible. Make it personal and professional. Emphasize why the career field is a perfect match for your background.


Score your next interview with a clever Cover Letter.

Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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