4 Tips for Transitioning Veterans

Are you  a transitioning veteran?

As a transitioning veteran, you have a lot to do to get adjusted to civilian life. Most soldiers are excited to re-enter the lives they left only to find that it is not as easy to transition back as they thought. With jobs hard to find and  military skills difficult to transfer, it can become challenging. Sharon Vargas, Worker Help Desk Founder, is a veteran and supports veterans whenever she can. Whether you are a veteran or business owner, check back often for updated veteran information.


A few transition tips for Veterans:


  1. Take some time for yourself. Re-acquaint with family and friends. Move around in your area to find out just where the things most important to you are. Sleep a little late and stop watching the clock whenever you can.
  2. Check your Finances. Know what you have coming in and develop a financial plan. This may not be the time to make unnecessary purchases.
  3. Apply for Unemployment. Check the state where you are landing to apply for benefits. Unemployment benefits can help you and your family in the meantime. Click here to check your eligibility by state.
  4. Get a Computer, Smart Phone or Pad. When you are ready to look for work or start a business, you will need a computer. If you have one or purchased one before you left the service, you are set. If not, you will need to buy one, use your local library or a friends.

Leaving the military can be a little scary. The most important thing you can do is to remain positive about your next steps after military service. If  you are a Veteran looking for a new job or assistance transitioning, contact Worker Help Desk for discounts on our services. Let us know you are a Veteran in your message. We love working with and for Veterans.


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