5 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired

5 Behaviors That Can Get You Fired

When an Employee is fired news spreads fast across the company. By the end of the day…everyone knows.

Sometimes people are shocked when they hear someone has been fired and sometimes not. there are numerous reason why employees get fired. In most states employees are hired “at will”, which means, you can be gone just like that depending on the level of trouble you are in. That said, most companies won’t fire a person without cause because they don’t want to be sued by an employee that feels they have been wronged.


If you take your professional self to the job on time, perform well, stay away from office gossip, use common sense workplace ettiquette and follow company policies, you can manage to remain employed until you decide to move on. Below are our top 5 reasons you can be fired. Of course there are many more, but these will get you thinking about how not to get fired.


1. Overly Complaining About the Boss

Not all, but some Bosses are known to pressure, bully, and harass employees. Unless you have a tribe backing you in your complaint or their general behavior is the buzz of the office, your chances of getting any relief on your first complaint to Human Resources is next to nil. If you constantly complain about your Boss, it may be determined YOU are the problem and you can be fired.

On the other hand, if you rights have been violated (discriminatory harassment, wage violations, illegal activity they want you to  participate in, etc.) and you think you can prove it, make an immediate appointment with Human Resources. It may save your job.


2. Unauthorized Online Practices


Get caught by anyone at work navigating your favorite sites online, checking your personal email, downloading company files to take home, viewing inappropriate images, forwarding company emails can get you fired. People tell.  You don’t own the company computer or cell phone and the company has rights to check what you are doing online, who you send emails to and how much time you are spending on non-work activities on their time. At work you are suppose to be working. Do your personal online activities at home and you won’t get caught up in what can become an ugly situation and a pass out the door.


3. Taking Free Speech to a New Level

There is no such thing as free speech at work. The constitution does not protect you at work. Have all your stuff packed up ready to go if you decide to tell your Boss, “Go to Hell”, give out company financial information, tell a racial joke, call a worker a derogatory name, get caught in a lie, blab your opinion on Facebook that is not in line with company standards or say something unfounded against company policy out loud. For sure you will be fired. Be aware. Companies are cracking down and enforcing limits on free speech in and out of the office if you are an employee of the organization. Communicate something off cuff and the company may skip the investigation and fire you immediately.  


4. Damaging “Off Work” Activities

5 o’clock does not always end an employees relationship with the company. Most companies expect your to preserve their company reputation every day on and off the job. If you get a DUI, commit a crime, post inappropriate images on social media, moonlight as a stripper, blog something negative about the company or your behavior is less than professional by their standards, you can be fired. If you are identified as having done something the company thinks is out of line to their image and policies, they will investigate your activity. If it is found there is no law protecting you from being fired, you may be fired. Know the company policies on off hours behavior and be careful out there.


5. Not Performing at Top Level

If you are not producing great work you may go through a series of talks with the Boss followed up with by a number of counseling statement and maybe you will land on a probation program. If you continue to have poor performance after the company has done  their due diligence (which they will), you may be escorted out the door. No longer a member of the team. If you are falling behind in your responsibilities, ask for help before the issue escalates.


As you already know, there are many other reasons why you can be fired. Above are just a few of the top reasons. Best advice is to do your job and stay out of trouble at work.

Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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