7 Tips on Outfitting for an Interview


What you wear to an interview matters. When the Interviewer lays eyes on you for the first time, an assessment is made. So, be assured, your appearance does count. Do your research on the company and determine if the environment is all business, business casual or really casual. Dress slightly above whatever your research discovers. When in doubt…always dress business.


When deciding what to wear, put together a comfortable outfit in line with the companys’ culture that you look great in.


I have interviewed many that have showed up for an interview inappropriately dressed, smelling like flowers and jingled all the way to my office. Although they had great skills, some of the distractions were very hard for me and the interview team to get past.


Interview dressing tips…


  1. Solid colors work well. Wearing loud juicy colored ties, blouses/shirts, socks, belts, etc. can become very distracting. Stick to the basic neutral colors that you look good in.
  2. Wear a crisp shirt/blouse. Thant means no wrinkles lurking in the collar or a topper that looks like you just removed it from the dryer.
  3. Choose clean comfortable shoes: Whatever shoes you choose, make sure the heels are good and not looking like they went through a war. Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes because you never know if the Interviewer wants to give you the company tour. There’s nothing worse than limping though the walk around.
  4. Cover the Tattoos. Although most love tattoos and are impressed with how much pain has been endured, cover them up. Times are changing, but not everywhere. Don’t take a chance on having that large colorful amazing tattoo become the conversation and not your skills or what you can offer.
  5. Don’t “bling-bling”. You will want the interviewer to look at you, not be engrossed in your bling. Simple jewelry that enhances your outfit is all you need.
  6. Leave your “smell good” at home in the bottle. Just because it smells good to you doesn’t mean everyone will like it. And, the interviewer could be allergic.
  7. Make-up…but not too much. Stay on the neutral side. Heavy makeup along with flashy eye shadows and thick eyeliner may make the interviewer think, “Club.”

Bottom line: Remember first impressions are lasting!

Let us know what you think, when it come to getting dressed for an interview. 


Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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