Stop Spending Money for One Week

Stop Spending Money for One Week

Know where your money is going. Stop spending for one week Try it.


There are so many things we buy that we don’t need. No deal out there is a great deal. Try using what you have and save some money.  Try it for one week. By taking one week out of your life and not spending a dime, you will see your unnecessary buying habits. Moving forward you will take your lessons learned, reshape your spending habits and shave hundreds off your yearly spending. This is money in your pocket.


I looked at what I was spending and decided to step it down. The unnecessary purchases were piling up and when I looked at my bank account, I noticed my money was growing at a snail’s pace.  

I took a week off from spending. You can too. It’s not easy, but you can discipline yourself and make it happen.


The Steps I Took


  1. I wrote down how much money I spent the previous week on food, gas, lunches, coffee, tea, drinks, clothes, lottery tickets, entertainment, grocery store drop by’s and other items. I included everything.
  2. I took a hard look at the list and decided to eliminate the things I knew didn’t need for one week.
  3. I decided how much I planned to spend for just the essentials (food, gas, tolls, etc.) for one week. I was very specific. I was determined not to go outside of my budget. 
  4. I added up the cost of the things I needed. I went to the bank and got cash. My plan included not using debit/credit cards. 
  5. For the upcoming week, I spent NOTHING beyond what you have set aside.

After my one week trial, I learned a lot about where my money was going. Since then, I have increased my savings. Although I do treat myself from time to time, I am more conscious about my spending. 


8 Tips to Get You Started


  1. Get the money you need for the week in cash. Put your debit/credit cards away.
  2. Tell yourself NO. This is a great way to save money. That means no shopping, no candy buying, no snacks and absolutely no buying anything for one week.
  3. Check your freezer and pantry: If you are like me, you have probably stocked up. A few months later when you check in your freezer some of the frozen stuff has passed its shelf life and you are adding it to the weeks trash. Check it out and see if you have enough foodies stored up to last a week.
  4. No outside shopping. Use what you have. All stores are waiting for you with what seams like sales and bargains. Their goal is to get your money out of your pocket and into their cash system. To keep your money in your pocket…don’t shop and don’t think about shopping.
  5. Use it all: This week, get down to the last drop. That jelly jar…turn it over and let it all rise to the top. Turn it over and you probably will have a few more spreads. The same goes for the toothpaste. Watch out for things packaged for waste. You may be able to get a week out the amount you are trashing.
  6. Change your travel: You can’t avoid the cost of traveling to/from work but you can shop around on Sunday for the cheapest gas prices and load up. Once your weekly gas allowance is gone you will need an alternative. If you can, skip the car for a walk or bike ride to your destination. You can also get a ride from a co-worker if they live nearby. If you have a vacation day this may be a good week to use it.
  7. Make coffee at home: If you are a coffee or tea drinker you will probably have an unused bag in the cabinet. Check and start using it. Stopping for coffee every day is quite expensive. If you run out…drink water. It’s good for your body.
  8. Eat at home. Plan your meals for the week based on what you already have on hand. Make use of everything you have without going out for a stocking up shopping spree. Take left overs to work for lunch. Try baking a cool snack with the flour you may have found high in the cabinet.

 If you have any other saving tips for the week, please share them by making a comment below.


Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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