8 Holiday Job Search Hacks

Job Search during the Holidays

Companies don’t stop hiring during the holidays. Keep your job search live!

Every Hiring Manager is not taking time off. Some are frantically trying to fill jobs before year end. Companies work on budgets and they want to get all the hires they can before the start of the new year. Especially if there’s have money left to spend in the budget.


During the holiday season, Human Resources is always open and Recruiters are searching for candidates. Resumes will be limited and the completion will be lower because many job seekers don’t send resumes during the holidays. If your keyword rich resume pops up on a search, a Hiring Manager in the “holiday search mode” will focus in deeper on the skills you have to offer. If your resume is memorable you may get a follow-up call, text or email.


And keep in mind, hiring is not the only thing companies are doing during the holiday season. They may be attempting to close business critical initiatives. It’s the time of the year they like to close sales, get new contracts signed, finalize an acquisition, open new divisions, release new products and fill positions of exiting employees. This means new employees will be needed.  


While others job seekers are focused on the season, you can get ahead of the hiring game. Ramp up your job search starting today. Here’s our top seven things you can do to ramp up your job search:


O1. Polish Your Resume

Put this on the top of your things to do list. If getting a new job is at the top of your list, get yourself an affordable new keyword rich resume. With the slowdown in resumes during the holidays, a great resume can get you noticed and contacted. Our resume service is affordable and available to workers in all career levels including veterans.


02. Clean Up Your LinkedIn ProfileClean Up Your LinkedIn

This is a very important step in the job hunting process. LinkedIn is the number one place Hiring Managers are searching for candidates. If your LinkedIn profile is not working for you or you don’t have one, let WHD update or create one for you with our LinkedIn Makeover Service


03. Get Yourself a Facebook Job Hunter AdGet A Facebook Ad

Facebook is one of the most under-utilized platform when it comes to job searching. Think outside of the box. You can market yourself by placing a targeted ad on Facebook stating you are looking for a job. It can work to get you noticed with or without your picture. Let WHD get you circulated to millions of Hiring Managers who are surfing the net during the holidays. Email us at info@workerhelpdesk.com and we will get started on your ad.


04. Update your Social Media Profile PictureUpdate Your Photo

If your picture is outdated, get a new one. Take Advantage of “Holiday Photographers”. When you’re out at an event and the party giver has a photographer, ask them to take a few professional pictures of you by yourself. It may cost you a few bucks, but it will be well worth it. Make sure to get their contact information so you can get your photos.


05. Respond to Blog Articles in Your Field.

Respond to Blogs

What better way to find out who is talking about jobs. Search the web and find articles in your career space. Comment on articles you like. It’s a great way to meet new people and make connections


06. Update Your Amazon Account.

Amazon Profile

If you are on Amazon, like millions…make sure you have filled out your profile and have included a professional headshot. Fill the headline under your photo with relevant keywords and phrases. Add a link to your website or LinkedIn profile. You can get your Amazon link here.


07. Get Super Social.

Network for a Job

The holiday period offers great networking possibilities and it’s a time you can position yourself to be found. When you are out at a holiday affair, mention your job search. Have your sixty-second job hunter speech ready. You never know who you may meet.


08. Connect with Cards

Send a Card

If you’re sending out holiday cards, it’s great idea to send one to the Hiring Managers you interviewed with and didn’t get the job. If the interview went well, they will keep you in mind for future opening. After your “Happy…”, state that you are still on the market looking for a new job in the new year.


Don’t let the holidays stop you from keeping up your job search. Reenergize and keep up the pace. Don’t believe the myth that companies are not looking for hires. Take advantage of the fact that fewer resumes are being sent during this period and hiring Managers are still looking for quality hires. It’s an opportunity for you to stand out.

 Did you land a job during the holidays? Let us know at WHD. Leave a comment!


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Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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