Our Team - We work for you.


Sharon Vargas

Sharon is a dedicated  Human Resources Professional helping everyone move their careers forward. She also writes books to give workers insider information.


Michael Anderson

Michael gets the word out; on and offline. He is dedicated to letting workers know they are not alone and we are here to help. He promotes the business every day.


Jessica Meeker

Jessica keeps up with the backend making sure every client receives the plan services they purchased. Jessica is dedicated to helping workers excel at their jobs.


HR Advisors

Our services are delivered by experts – HR professionals and dedicated workers. They offer plan participants up-to date strategies and information for solving issues.

Our Story

In 2016, a group of professionals launched Worker Help Desk (WHD) as an alternative to heavy duty expensive Executive and Career Coaching services found all over the web and social networks.


We definitely understood first hand the issues and frustrations workers experience when searching for a new job, navigating the workday or when attempting to move their careers to the next level.


None of us could afford  coaching services and some of us felt their services could not support all of our needs. We realized we were helping each other solve work related situations and doing a good job at moving our careers forward. That’s when we decided to launch Worker Help Desk. 


Here, at Worker Help Desk, you can get the the help you need to tackle “traditional” and “other” worker related situations. Our expert team of professional HR Advisors have decades of experience, keep their finger on the pulse of today’s work environment, and they’re ready to help you navigate in a crowded workplace.