How I Get to Work


I started a new job and wondered should drive or ride the train.

I had always driven to work and catching the train would be a new experience. Decisions…decisions.


I knew the cheaper route was the train, but I felt I would miss the security of the inside of my car where I could apply makeup, comb my hair into position several times, smoke mad cigarettes, chew gum, drink my coffee, check myself in the mirror, chat with friends through my headset as often as I wanted and get a little road rage.


Then, I thought about time…the amount of time I would have to travel became a factor in calculating my decision. Would I be able to get there on time riding the train or would a car get me there faster. As I am not an early morning person, I had to figure in my the last 5, then 10 snooze. First of all, I don’t live right next to the train station so it’s not a matter of running out the door and jumping on the train. Either way, I would have to be sure to be gassed up and have enough change for the parking fees.


Parking at the train station would be a daily coin dropping exercising into a little box strategically placed to be inconvenient. Not doing so would lead to tickets. Parking in the city would be a sky-high daily rate along with the cost of gas. 


I weighed it all out and opted for the train.

Although it won me over due to due to cost, it took longer and involved exercise–walking, up and down the steps, escalator rides, and sometimes it wasn’t a ride because I ended up standing most of the way to work due to lack of seats. But, I enjoyed the whole journey and began to look forward to the down time the train ride provided. The familiar faces, the reading time, the chatter, the every day folks, the hum of people’s voices, music, flavors, aromas and sometimes the stench of it all became my daily commute. 


Traveling on the train into the city from the suburbs gave me an opportunity to see high fashion, low fashion, hustle, bustle, and the homeless. I also made “train ride only friendships” sealed with a silent nod I would see familiar folks every day and a word was never exchanged. When you saw those familiar faces, you knew you were on the right train going in the right direction. Some you ended sitting down next to would not be quiet and talked and talked the whole ride.


After a few weeks of being packed in the train like sardines with “unknown others”, I was hooked on my train ride to and from work. I decided I didn’t miss the drive and continue to take public transportation.


Check out your local transportation routes to see if they can work for you.


It may be an exciting journey for you too.

Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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