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Recruiters, Review How You Care for Candidates

Some companies and Recruiters are so confident candidates will apply in droves to their open positions they become careless in their hiring process without realizing it. They fail to realize the key to a great hire starts with great candidate care. With more sites popping up “telling all” about company cultures, it has become important to show candidates are respected.


Candidates have options. Candidates who are poorly treated during the hiring process by Recruiter turn down offers and take a position somewhere else. So many of my friends, colleagues and past co-workers have told me about their Interviewing experience, I had to write this article. I wrote it to let you know what job hunters want. Many job hunters feel the entire hiring process can and should be improved. CEO’s Hiring Managers and Recruiters can make it happen and get highly qualified candidates to fill open positions by improving your Candidate Care Program.


Here’s What Job Hunters Want from Recruiters…


Our Investment Understood

  • Please don’t waste our valuable time and money.
  • Realize the average on site interview cost $15-20 and that’s if they already have attire.
  • We travel, at times long distances, by car or public transportation to reach your location, just to meet with you.
  • We set aside valuable time to prepare for an Interview via phone or in person.

Easier Job Hunting Processes

  • Clear job ads. Ads that can be read quickly with keywords that actually relate to the job requirements and not just fluff.
  • Don’t want spam jobs sent to our email. If you see 11-15 years of experience, don’t send an entry-level position stating you found “My” resume (who knows where) and it appears to be a great fit for your open position. It’s not if the job requires no experience and it’s in an unrelated field.
  • Allow for quick applying. We are not interested in filling out a form that takes thirty plus minutes to complete that also request a resume upload. Open it, read it and make a decision.
  • Don’t ask us to do your recruiting for you. Although it’s considered networking, don’t send us unrelated jobs thousands of miles from our location asking if we know someone. 
  • Respond. Let us know within two-three business days that my resume was received, logged in or something.

A Better Interview Process

  • Scheduled phone screen. Don’t call and expect an on the spot conversation. Call or email and set up a time to talk. We want to do our due diligence to see if the position is a good fit and research the company before investing our time or changing our schedule to meet yours.
  • Tell us what resume you are viewing. You’ve “gotta” know job hunters change their resumes often and may have no clue which one you are looking at. 
  • We want to feel expected when showing up for an interview or receiving a call. We don’t want to sit in the lobby or wait by the phone for a long period of time. If the interview is scheduled for 2PM then, it should start at 2PM. Our time is just as important as yours. Remember, you have a job and we need to spend time positioning to get one. Not waiting for you.
  • Don’t be arrogant. We know you have a job and we know, you know, we are looking for one. If you are arrogant, don’t be surprised if we don’t accept and offer should you decide to make one. Your not the only game in town.

An Interview that Allows Me to Showcase “ME”

  • Stop asking stupid questions. Who knows where they will be in 5 years??? Where do you plan to be in 5 years?” You already know the plan is to be working somewhere with career progression and great pay. It’s a stupid question.
  • Don’t spend our valuable time together selling us on your company. It’s our turn  to sell you on how we can be the “Must Hire Candidate”. Make it brief and move the interview forward.

Some Form of Followup From Somebody

  • Tell us if we are moving forward. If it’s a NO, then let us know within 2-3 business days. Don’t say you will get back to us and don’t or state you have several other phone screens from which you will choose 2 or 3 to move forward. Or, you won’t know for several weeks. 
  • If we’re not the one, tell us within a few days, not 2-3 months. Seriously, we will understand. And, we may not be available if you wait too long. We are on the move searching for a position.
  • Make a quick offer if you have a good candidate. Don’t make us wait and wait. Every candidate comes with some sort of risk. Take a chance. Not enough on-the-spot hires occur. Save yourself some time and money.

If you think you have a great Candidate Care Program, let us know so that we can spread the word your company is a great place to work. Send us a message.

Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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