The New Hire Mentorship Plan

Give your New Hires a head start

25% of New Hires leave the company in the first year of employment.

Many companies overlook coaching and mentoring new hires.

We’re not an employee onboarding service. We are HR Advisors that that will mentor your new hires from the day they are offered the job. Before they start and after you have completed all of your onboarding process and enrollments, we are there, in the background to answer questions, give advice and ensure your new hire’s transition into your workforce is smooth. We make sure they have someone to talk to during their first 30 days of employment. 

Give Your New Hires a Head Start.


Lower Your Turnover.

Every company, regardless of its size, needs to do all it can to leverage new employees, given known turnover rates are high. Investing in an affordable  mentoring program makes good financial sense.


It’s the unexpected added benefit that your new hires can have to help them make the difference you hired them to do.

New Hire Mentorship Plan

What we do for your new hires.

Be ahead of the rest. Get plans today. they are affordable and necessary.

We start before your new hire shows up. Our initial session includes addressing the top hot spots – developing coworker relationships, building a relationship with the manager, job performance, career expectations and job advancement.


We check in with your new hire to ensure they are successfully navigating your workplace. We discuss their success and adress any concerns they may have. 


The first days on a new job can be overwhelming and intimidating. Every new hire wants to do well, but some get in their own way. Their Advisor will have a deep dive discussion with your new hire and advise them how to reduce the pressures of a new work environment.


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How we work.

HR Advisor Plan - Step 1

Start Here

Start the process by purchasing the New Hire Mentorship Plan. After payment processing, you will receive 5 downloadable certificates and plan activation instructions to give to selected employees.

HR Advisor Plan - Step 2

We Meet the New Hire

You send the new hire a certificate along with their Offer Letter. When your new hire activates their mentorship plan, we contact them via phone and schedule a Welcome Aboard Session.

HR Advisor Plan - Step 3


We contact your new hire 10 days after plan activation to discuss how they are navigating their new job and offer advice with any issues they have. We maintain unlimited email contact for 30 days.

HR Advisor Plan - Step 4


We report back to you via email when a plan has been activated. Of course, our chats with your new hire are confidential unless they authorize us to release their information.



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