Workplace Navigation Insurance


Duration: 120 Days


Workplace Navigation Insurance will help you solve problems 

Navigating work can be tough. An unexpected situation can impact your day, your health and your career. In some cases, get you fired or stop you from moving your career forward. Get help before issues escalate to management. Take advantage of Worker Help Desk’s Workplace Navigation Service and  maintain your peace of mind. Know that you have someone to turn to when you need someone to help you sort out a situation. Our seasoned professional advisors understand work environments and the laws surrounding worker rights.


This service allows you the opportunity to talk to a professional outside your work and life environment about what’s going on at the job. We will help help you resolve you resolve your issue or chat with you about a situation you need help with.


Use one service or use them all over a 120 day period.



  1. PDF Downloads and Service Instructions are immediately available after purchase.
  2. After purchase, a Worker Help Desk Advisor will contact you to set up your initial appointment via email, phone or Skype.
  3. Your services will begin.


  • 6 X 15 Minute Chats Over Skype or Phone
  • Sticky Coworker Issue Resolution
  • Sticky Boss Situation Resolution
  • Mock Ask for a Raise
  • Disciplinary Meeting Preparation
  • Guide: The Fine Art of Late Excuses (PDF Download)
  • Work Your Way Up Guide (PDF Download)
  • 120 Days Unlimited eMail Support
“One of the smartest moves I’ve made was to get the Workplace Navigation Insurance. I had an issue with my Boss and it was escalating. After talking with my WHD Advisor, I was able to work things out. Plus, I thought the followup was great. Get this service because it will help you.”
IT WORKER ~ Large IT Company