Sallie Smart is Unemployed – Are You Unemployed?

Who is Sallie Smart?

She’s unemployed, single, living with “Her Man”, not too young, not too old, drinks too much coffee, eats too many carbs, loves the Casino, a college  graduated and she is savvy chic.


According to her son,

Sallie does everything. He says “My Mom is…the house plumber, Nurse, Project Manager, Computer Technician, Chef, Supply Clerk, the “No” Person, the “Yes” Person, Laundress, House Keeper, the Smarts Family Banker. And, he loves her!”


Bottom Line…
We know Sallie is very smart and very unemployed.



Sallie can’t find a job…

She’s either too experienced, doesn’t have enough experience, or too lazy to keep looking. Sallie says she hasn’t given up, but has she?


Sallies’ Yesterday

Sallie waiting for 3 weeks to hear something back from the company she interviewed with not once, not twice but three times. The call finally came one morning as a message, but it was not the message she was looking for. It was no more than a Dear John from the interviewer…”Sorry, but we have decided a different direction…you are so qualified but…wish you the best and”…ughhh…


Oh, and included was the killer sentence…they decided to go with an internal practitioner. Sallie thought, “What the hell is an internal practitioner?” Sallie had been working for many years and this is the first time she heard of this term.


After listening to that message Sallie took a few deep breaths and pushed her way out of bed. She struggled to the bathroom to wash her face before rushing off to a much need hair appointment. She was feeling good after she left; just like old times. The ride back to the house was light and airy with her hair swinging all over the place. Sallie imagined herself riding around looking good in her new high-end  sporting a pair of those expensive designer sunglasses completing her look. She thought about the trendy and beautiful leather Kooba handbag full of cool stuff that would be sitting on the empty passenger seat. She would be on top of the world if she could only find a job.


Reality Returns

Reality set in as Sallie turned up into her driveway. She was back in the house…no job, no makeup on. Her face seemed to grow 2 inches longer with a sideways pout. Too down to eat anything substantial, she grabbed a bowl and made instant oatmeal to go along with a cup of coffee made with one of those homemade k-cups.

Her man was still sleep. He is retired with a generous income and has no problem passing in and out of the days with no schedule. To him every day is Saturday.


Passing time…News, News, News

Just how much news can you watch? They go over and over and over and over the same thing from every single direction possible. But Sallie has stamina! She does not move the station in fear she may miss one little tidbit of breaking news. Oh…the sweet sound of the broadcasters.


Action in the house…The Microwave Door Handle Broke

Sallie could not believe the handle broke? It wasn’t even 3 months old.

Well, now Sallie had something to take care of. She got right on it. She recently purchased a microwave…from the Home Depot, the DIY store. Sallie went to open the damn door and the bottom of the handle broke. Sallie called the Home Depot and had to speak to 4 people to get resolution. Well, of course Sallie did not buy the extended warranty because she’s unemployed and had no extra money. So, she had to rely on the manufacturers warranty that did not include a replacement option, only repairs.


Now get this, before Sallie could even talk to anyone that could help her, she had to confirm and reconfirm her name, address, phone number, receipt number, date of purchase, serial number, item number, and date the damn thing broke. Sallie paid cash for the microwave and this woman on the other end of the phone asked her if she had a pen and paper handy to take down the numbers of the service providers.


Well, Salle shouted, “NO. You mean to tell me I made this purchase and now “I” have to work to get this lemon repaired. Did you say for “ME” to call and get a repair date?” Sallie said, “No disrespect but it is “YOU” who needs to set up this appointment”. The woman on the other end remained calm,made a few calls. and set up an appointment for 2 weeks out; an all day. Sallie said to herself, “Whew, you an get things done when you are Unemployed; job done”.


Nappy Time

Naps comes easy when you are unemployed. One journey outside of the house or a major phone call and you are done for the rest of the day. As Sallie was drifting off she heard ring..ring…ring. Sallie received a call right in the middle of her nappy time. She let it go to voicemail. Later, Sallie discovered it was from a Recruiter calling about a job. Maybe she would call back tomorrow.


Up and out to the grocery store…

Why do they disguise stuff in the market? Went in for some K-cups…a splurge. Picked up decaf. Oh well…something to do tomorrow.


Dinner, chit-chat and bed.

How many Sallie days will you have before you make a real daily plan to get off the unemployed books. How long will it take you to get busy getting busy updating your resume, getting on social networks, sending out resumes, and getting yourself noticed in the job market??


If you are unemployed, I hope this article gives you inspiration to get up and get your career moving!

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