20 Workplace Don’ts that Matter

Workplace navigation can be a struggle.

We spend 8 hours of our day with the revolving door of workers in today’s modern work environment because it’s what we have to do…work. The harder part is getting along in this ocean of people who you don’t really know and move around their behaviors the same way they have to move around with yours.  If you want to have peaceful and productive work days, there is a long list of things you should never do at work.


If you keep in mind the workplace is a public environment where workplace etiquette should be adhered to, it will be much easier to navigate your day without a glitch. How we should act at work is really all about making common sense decisions, but as we get comfortable in a work environment, some of our worse behaviors find their way to the surface.


The next time you enter your office, make sure you are not committing any “no no’s”. Here’s a partial list the team at Worker Help Desk put together of “Workplace Don’ts”. I am sure you can come up with more.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. Don’t fall asleep at your desk.
  3. Don’t talk about things you should not – no gossiping.
  4. Don’t show up with attitude.
  5. Don’t go to work sick.
  6. Don’t curse at work – watch your tongue.
  7. Don’t ever assume none is listening.
  8. Don’t take smelly foods to work.
  9. Don’t peek into someone’s computer.
  10. Don’t skip out on too many office parties.
  11. Don’t be a constant complainer.
  12. Don’t send unprofessional emails.
  13. Don’t be a slob.
  14. Don’t plan your next vacation during work hours.
  15. Don’t peddle fundraiser items.
  16. Don’t take credit for someone else’s work.
  17. Don’t talk back to your Boss.
  18. Don’t get caught in an illegal scandal.


The biggest take away here is that everyone should respect the fact they are in a community where common sense is their biggest asset.

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