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Some professional employees are rolling up their sleeves and letting their tattoo designs stick out in the workplace. Many employers are not saying much if the tattoo designs are subtle and not showing on the face and neck. Plus, employers know employees sporting tattoos can roll down their sleeves, put on a jacket or sweater and make the all important meeting with no tattoo designs showing.


Times may be changing but only a little. If you do decide to roll up your sleeves and show yours, be careful and only give a sneak peak…everyone is not onboard and some folks just don’t like them.


The last company I worked for as the VP of Human Resources, they were listed in the Employee Handbook as a “NO-NO”. And believe it, a company Employee Handbook outlining a dress code will hold up on most occasions in the courts. Until you know the culture of the organization you are working for and have read thier dress code in the Employee Handbook, cover up.


During my online research, I found a few interesting facts about showing off your tattoo designs in the the workplace on They have an awesome infographic with statistical information on tattoos and their acceptance by employers. The original infographic can be found here


Tattoos in the Workplace: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


A Few Tattoo Facts


  • 37% of HR Managers Cite Tattoos As The Third Most Likely Physical Attribute That Limits Career Potential
  • 42% of People Of All Ages Feel That Visible Tattoos Are Inappropriate At Work
  • 45 Million People In The US Have At Least One Tattoo
  • 0 States Have Laws Protecting People With Tattoos From Discrimination In Company Hiring Practices
  • A tattoo found on the Neck, Head, and Face Continue To Carry The Most Considerable Stigma
  • 96,000 Tattoo Removals Were Performed In 2014
  • Cost of tattoo removal – The US National Average $588 
  • 14% of People With Tattoos Regret Their Decision To Get A Tattoo

Before you show up at work with your tattoos showing check out the infographic. Tell your friends. 


Editor @ Worker HD

Editor @ Worker HD

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