HR Help @ $1.50 a Minute

Time based solutions to solve your career challenges offered by our Human Resource Expert Advisors. You choose what to work on and for how long. It's what we do.


First, determine how many minutes you need. Then,

  1. Schedule your first Chat. Then, purchase minutes.
  2. You will be assigned a Career Coach. Your coach will connect with you to discuss your needs.
  3. Next, Worker Help Desk Gets To Work
  4. We deliver the coaching, tools and strategies you need to resolve your issue and/or answer your questions. 

Your first chat will be by phone. Then, you choose how you would like to interact moving forward – email, text or virtual.

Our services are delivered by experts – Human Resources practitioners, hiring managers and recruiters. They have their finger on the pulse of the workforce and bring program participants the most up-to date methodologies for solving worker challenges and landing a job. Our dedicated coaches will position you to be successful in today’s modern work environment.

Yes. You can use your time for one challenge or for as many challenges that can be resolved within the number of minutes you have purchased. Your HR Coach will keep track of the time you have used and tell you when it’s up. You can purchase more minutes if needed at any time. 

Absolutely! Confidentiality is the highest priority within Worker Help Desk and we will keep it that way.

Contact us and we will answer any questions you have.